Vessel traffic system PWS9000


Last generation PWS-9000 software is keystone for creation of complex vessel traffic control systems (VTS) and engineering and technical features for traffic safety (ITFTS). PWS-9000 provides full control of hardware being part of the system.

Field of application

  • in vessel traffic control systems;
  • in state border security systems (border authorities, naval forces);
  • in water areas security systems (harbor waters security services, police, customs services);
  • at stationary oil production off-shore facilities and oil-loading terminals;

PWS-9000 may be supplied both as a part of recording system (PWS-9000R modification), and as a separate software product.


SW may be supplied both as a part of recording system (PWS-9000R modification), and as a separate software product.

Tasks Solved

Software PWS-9000 if focused on solving of the following tasks:

  • vessel traffic control and monitoring;
  • provision of vessel piloting under coastal radar control;
  • dispatching and planning of vessel piloting;
  • monitoring of navigation rules observance in waters of harbor and approaches to it;
  • day and night surveillance of situation in sea harbor waters in order to prevent attempts of unlawful interference;
  • timely notification of authorities on violation of navigation rules and attempts of unlawful interference;
  • coordination of actions of traffic safety forces;
  • decording and storing of information on sea surface and attempts of unlawful interference during a long time;
  • control of access to areas of traffic safety provision in sea harbor waters.

Large-scale Opportunities

  • connection of up to 10 remote radars (or posts of technical surveillance) with possibility of remote control;
  • isolation of access to settings on the basis of user authentication.
  • combined tracking of targets from all the remote radars;
  • reception and displaying of AIS targets;
  • support of charts S57, corrections and coded charts S63;
  • selection of cartographic information layers for displaying;
  • independent setting of interface and shot of screen for each profile;
  • operation with user cartographic layers;
  • support of up to 15 lenses;
  • support of two sight lines;
  • monitoring of special zones and processing of alarms with possibility to specify zones of responsibility;
  • support of VHF stations remote control;
  • reception of information from meteorological stations;
  • connection to navigational video cameras;
  • Radar, AIS data recording system and up to 16 voice channels (PWS-9000R);
  • enhancement of functionality using system of plugins;
  • reception and output of data from other systems, for example systems of monitoring for satellite telephones or VHF-radio direction finders;
  • integration of information from VTS systems of other users;
  • support of several monitors.

Software Configuration

The software has modular structure and contains the following components:

  • user interface module (GUI);
  • server of AIS targets processing;
  • dispatcher of lost AIS targets;
  • client/server of AIS base stations control;
  • server of digitized radar information reception;
  • cartographic server;
  • server of target database;
  • server of data recording;
  • VHF communication control module;
  • module of connection with  optronic equipment.


  • The software has an effective type approval of  Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation No.3/1-2699-2013А dated 05.02.2013.
  • Support of electronic charts S57/S63 is registered in  IHO (International Geographic Organization).
  • The software is registered in Register of computer programs (Certificate No.2010614855).

Comprehensive Approach

At preparation of PWS-9000 supply,  MC&S+ LLC provides support in system design, selection of specific technical solutions and equipment, renders assistance in analysis of technical assignment and preparation of tender documents.

Components of  standard system using PWS-9000:

  • Workstation of group head (PWS-9000);
  • Recording system (PWS-9000R);
  • Engineering workstation (PWS-9000E);
  • Situation display (PWS-9000R);
  • Radar-server (ERPS);
  • DB server (posting log).

Connection with equipment

Software is connected with  different types of equipment:

  • radar servers of   MC&S+ LLC production;
  • navigational and  security optronic systems (including both  video and infrared vision facilities);
  • VHF-stations;
  • Foreign-made and home-made radars of  different ranges (K,X,S) and with  different antenna directional pattern;
  • meteorological systems;
  • hydrological systems;
  • AIS receivers and AIS base stations;
  • different facilities and data transmission devices (fiber optic lines, relay lines, copper communication lines, switchboards and routers).